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Бесплатное ПО
Категории: Фото и графика
Платформы: Windows Mac
cae cad 3d-cad cam выталкивать 3d-design параметрическое моделирование облачная синхронизация 3d скульптура моделирование поверхности совместная работа

Autodesk Fusion 360 Is an Integrated Form, Function and Fabrication Experience

Quickly and easily explore product ideas in Fusion 360. Start by using simple
free-form modeling tools to get just the right shape, or take a shortcut and
seamlessly pull your existing data into your Fusion 360 project. Engineer and
test it for function. Then prepare it for manufacturing by generating tool
paths or using the 3D printing utility.
Free for students, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and startups A free 3-year license
is available for students, teachers, and academic institutions. A free 1-year
startup license is also available for hobbyists, enthusiasts, makers, and
emerging businesses that make less than US$100,000 in revenue per year. At the
end of 1 year, you can reselect the startup entitlement or transition to a
commercial entitlement.

Аналоги (5):

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